Celebrating 100 Years

Dear Residents,

Every community has its treasured assets. In Canton, one of those is the park district. That

asset reaches a significant milestone in 2023, celebrating 100 years of service to Canton and

The Fulton County area. We will be recognizing that milestone with a celebration in April!

Throughout the year we will be observing the numerous significant impacts used and enjoyed

by the citizens over the past century. The first major development was the opening of beautiful

Big Creek Park in 1926, it is still the “heart” of the park system. Since then, The Canton Park

District has grown to include more than 1,400 acres of open space to enhance the quality of life

within our community. Along with many facilities, more parks, and a wide variety of services and

amenities to make the Canton area an even better place to live, work, and play!


The Canton Park District is an organization in motion, and will continue to work to meet the

ever-changing needs of our community. This 2023 Program Guide gives you a look at what the

park district has to offer. We are excited to have served our region over the past 100 years, and

look forward to what lays ahead for the next 100.

Please get out and enjoy The Canton Park District and make fun part of your day!




Kevin Stephenson

Board of Commissioner President
Canton Park District