Affiliate organizations of the Canton Park District are those groups that are not operated by the Park District but that may use Park District facilities or may receive support from the Park District is some other manner.
The Park District does not set policy for these independent organizations but does try to work closely with them to accomplish our own mission and goals.
Where available, a contact person or phone number has been provided below for these affiliate organizations. Should you have questions regarding their programs please contact those individuals.

Black Diamond Archery Club

Canton Area Tennis Association
The Canton Area Tennis Association is a community tennis association that was formed in 2011 with the purpose of promoting tennis in the Canton area. The United States Tennis Association provides support to the local group. The CATA works with the YMCA, Canton Union School District, and Canton Park District to provide educational and recreational activities related to tennis. Currently they are offering youth programs with emphasis on children 10 and under. To view upcoming local programs and events or to contact the local community tennis association go to or check out our Calendar of Events.

Canton Junior Football League (JFL)
The Canton JFL is a member of the Junior Football League of Illinois (JFLOCI) which has 29 separate area football programs.

The Canton JFL is made up of three separate programs: Tackle Football, Flag Football, & Cheerleading.

  • Tackle Football: Ages 8 to 15 (Age determined as of August 1st)
  • Flag Football: Ages 6 & 7 (Age determined as of August 1st)
  • Cheerleading: Ages 8 to 15 (Age determined as of August 1st)

Visit the JFLOCI website.

Canton Traveling Baseball Association

Canton Traveling Softball Association