Dog Park

Canton Park Districts Big Creek Dog Park is a great place to bring your dog! Not only will they be able to experience new things, but it will also give them a chance to socialize with other dogs and people. If you want to provide your dog an opportunity to run free, we’ve got an excellent off leash park option. This type of dog park is an enjoyable and convenient method to provide your dog an open space to let off some steam.
Big Creek Dog Park provides your dog a place to run off-leash and interact with other dogs and humans in the area. Located within Big Creek Park, next to the Recreation Center, the park features a 5-foot fence, two double-gated entry areas, separate areas for large and small dogs, parking lot, and trash cans/dog waste stations, dog drinking fountains, shade, and seating area.

Things to Keep in Mind

Should you choose to take your dog or dogs to the dog park, remember that you’re accountable for them. Keep licenses and vaccinations updated. Also ensure that your dog’s collar includes a tag with your contact info – preferably a mobile phone you always have with you. Local parks are open areas, and there will be other dogs your dog will socialize with. Aggressive dogs aren’t permitted on the park premises because they can be a danger to not only other dogs, but also people around the area. Dogs need exercise, including play, but playtime must be a great experience for everybody.
Please be a responsible pet owner and always clean up after your dog, both in the dog park and throughout other areas of the park.

First Time at a Dog Park

The first couple of times you take your dog to a park, pick a time which is not so busy. Take your dog to the park where there are not that many dogs present. Let your dog get used to the area and allow them to explore. New places may make them anxious, so bringing your dog at an off-peak schedule will let him relax a bit.