Park District Programs

Art Show


Friday, March ____                 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Exhibits must be brought to the Donaldson Center.

Saturday, March ____            1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Public Viewing Hours

1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Popular Voting

1:30 to 2:00 p.m.  Judge’s Critique

Sunday March  ____               1:00 to 3:00 p.m.  Public Viewing Hours

For more information and registration forms, CLICK HERE!

Youth Baseball Leagues – 2021 Dates and Fees

T-Ball:  Ages six (6) and under on May 1st. Minimum age is four (4).

Boys Coach Pitch: Ages eight (8) and under on May 1st.
Boys Minor: Ages ten (10) and under on May 1st.
Boys Major: Ages thirteen (13) and under on May 1st.

Girls Coach Pitch: Ages nine (9) and under on May 1st.
Girls Minor: Ages thirteen (13) and under on May 1st.

Use the League Age Chart to help you determine which league to register for.

The Park District utilizes volunteer coaches, furnishes all supportive baseball/softball equipment and provides umpires.

Youth baseball/softball registration will be held at the Baker Rec Center at Big Creek Park on the following dates:

Tuesday, March _____ from 3 – 6
Saturday, March _____ from 10am – noon

The registration fee for all youth leagues is $30 per player for residents and $40 per player for non-residents. Individual non-residents may play in leagues, no team entries allowed. Beginning April _____, there is a late fee of $5.

For additional information visit the Baseball/Softball Information Page.

Adult Softball Leagues

We have men’s, women’s and co-ed throughout the summer and fall!  Leagues take place at the diamonds at Athletic Park.

For further information, contact a softball commissioner or the main office at 647-1345.

Softball League Commissioners:
Men’s League: Joby Berry (309) 338-0960
Womens’s League: Dave Grigsby
Co-Ed League: Andy Gillam (309) 339-8793

Summer Men’s League (Wednesday Nights): $300
Summer Women’s League (Monday Nights): $150
Fall Men’s League (Wednesday Nights): $200
Fall Co-Ed League (Monday Nights):$150

JFL Football
Canton JFL Football is an independent organization from the Canton Park District. The JFL and the Park District do work together and sign an annual agreement that benefits both organizations.

The Canton JFL has three (3) programs available. They are flag football, tackle football, and cheerleading. Seasons typically begin in early August and run through October (Tackle & Cheer).

Flag Football: Ages 6 – 7; $60.00 (Age by August 1)

Tackle Football: Ages 8 – 15; $100.00

Cheerleading: Age 8 – Grade 8; $60.00


The philosophy of the aquatic staff of the Canton Park District is to establish and maintain two goals: to deliver quality swim instruction to all ages at all levels in order to enhance the individual’s aquatic recreational activity; and to encourage the aquatic public to gain life-safety skills to be used in and around all bodies of water. Click HERE to learn more!

Various local clubs partner with the Park District and use our facilities and/or parks. Looking for something to do? Click HERE and see if one of these clubs fit into your schedule!

From dancing to air hockey, the Baker Recreation Center has a little something for everyone! Open to the public at no charge this facility has many amenities and hosts many groups/clubs for you to participate with. Click HERE for more information.